In my first year at the RCA (2007), I was commissioned to design the menu for the Sir Misha Black Awards dinner. It was in honour of Alison Chitty, for her excellence in education.

The inspiration for the menu design stemmed from my visit to the Motley School of Theatre Design where Alison Chitty is director. Talking to the students, and seeing around the space, it was noticeable what an essential tool the 3D model is to a stage designer's work. It was therefore important to me that the menu should have a spatial quality.

The late Garland Wright said that theatre is an act of tranformation. In a small way in this menu, I hope by the act of interacting with the object, and bringing the words ALISON CHITTY into focus, it communicates how, as a stage designer, she tranforms words into a 3D context.

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